Aims and Objectives

The Congregation of the Apostolic Carmel considers education as a powerful, relevant and effective means of the transformation of society until love, peace and justice become a lived experience. Through its educational institutions both formal and non-formal the sisters of the Apostolic Carmel aim at

Forming students who are

· imbued with the knowledge and love of the divine

· morally upright and emotionally mature.

· seekers of knowledge and truth

· integrated and creative

· inspired by a spirit of charity, liberty and responsibility

· radiators of joy and goodwill

· agents of liberation of the poor, the oppressed and marginalized, especially women

· committed to selfless service in the social, political and cultural milieu.

Collaborating with staff members who are

· ready to share in the vision of the Apostolic Carmel

· eager to pursue the ideals and values of the Institution

· qualified, skilled and innovative in the field of education

· motivated by love towards each other and the pupils

· exemplary in word and deed.


· to provide a near-ideal ambience, outstanding teaching resources and facilities to foster all round development

· to nurture and promote intellectual abilities

· to inculcate a system of values and purity of thought

· to encourage development of scientific and rational thinking

· to develop leadership and a spirit of adventure.

· to foster the ability to distinguish between the right and the wrong.

· to encourage community feeling, a sense of justice and the quality of tolerance

· to develop self-confidence through a sense of responsibility, devotion, patriotism and discipline.